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Tokyo knitting needle industry Co., LTD. is located in Daegu city of South Korea.  it now is a large scale modern company selling all kinds of needles.


The company has been producing best quality needle, sinker and jack with the help of advanced facilities, imported high quality materials and perfect quality control system. Having Professional R & D team, It constantly develops up new products for the market and creates products according to customers' requirements. It is also equipped with modern, convenient operating rooms, advanced product streamline and test facilities.


Its main products circular knitting machines, hosiery machines, double cylinder hosiery machines, underwear knitting machines, flat knitting machines, warp knitting machines, glove knitting machines, transfer needles and sinker.


The company can provide high quality product with reasonable price. The needles are sold to many countries including China, Korea, India..


We can supply you with all kinds of knitting needles, which is Circular, Transfer , Hosiery , Flat, Wire ,Sinker , Jack needle and spare parts. We are looking for a good customer who always could be done a good relation and friend - ship everywhere. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact to our Overseas Office and we look forward to hearing from you soon. 

The company was founded in 2004, in begging the products was the spare parts of the textile

m/c only and started to get an experience of the precision products, and advanced to the needle products.

After it's started, to competite a quality and approach to the market demand,

Tokyo needle have tried to invite an experienced-Technician from in & out of Korea, and it's still going on.

And since 2008, have supplied the quality products and closed service till now on.

Approach to the market and customers who hope to cooperate or contact TOKYO brand, Tokyo needle have an activities to attend an exhibition, Turkey every year since 2009, China2012, Vietnam 2012,

Uzbekistan 2010 etc., And have organized Tokyo brand sales outlet in Turkey, China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam etc. As well maintainly looking for a good cooperation from a friendly Tokyo customer and partners.


To service a complete products, the range was confined to the latch needles and spare parts for a variety of the knitting m/c.

Tokyo needle develop and produce a comprehensive range comprise to

- Circular knitting Machine Needles

- Flat bed Knitting Machine Needles

- Socks and Hosiery Knitting Machine Needles

- Races Knitting Machine Needles

- Variety of spare parts (Sinkers & Jacks etc.)

Bring an accommodation to the market movement, Tokyo needle maintainly develop a quality,

invite a technical ideas and adjust to it's processing and managements.


Tokyo needle always pursue the spirit of partnership seriously,
and hope to give all it's values to the right ways, Contacting,
Production, Quality and Service and will be blessed with you
and customers who are ready and know us.
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